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Ice Control Products

Superior alternative to traditional rock salt as an anti-ice solution. Easy to calibrate and more precise application versus rock salt while being less corrosive to applied areas and equipment. Environmentally-friendly with a non-hazardous material classification while reducing or eliminating glass and plat material burn. Same-day or next day delivery (under most circumstances).

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Dust Control Service

During the spring, summer and fall months Liquid Solutions provides dust control services to a variety of industries – commercial and private. Calcium Chloride provides an economical, effective, and environmentally friendly solution for road dust problems. Reduce dust on gravel roads, private roads, construction sites, horse arenas, campgrounds, and more. UPDATE 6/01/2023: WE ARE NO LONGER SERVICING DRIVEWAY REQUESTS FOR OUR DUST CONTROL SERVICE.

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Calcium Chloride
Filling Stations

24/7 Self Serve Calcium Chloride Filling Stations in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Grand Haven. 21,000 gallon storage tanks with 150 gallon per minute output. Michigan Dept. of Weights and Measurements Certified meter.
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Calcium Chloride
Road Construction

Liquid Solutions Inc has partnered with road construction contractors through out Michigan to provide our Calcium Chloride to fill crash barriers setup on road projects. This service is a vital part of keeping multi season projects safe. Please give us a call (616) 340-5864 to talk about how we can help you this season.

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Liquid Solutions, Inc. is a locally owned and operated West Michigan company specializing in dust control and bulk calcium chloride distribution. We began in 2008 as an endeavor to supply local plow companies with an effective alternative to rock salt for melting away snow and ice in parking lots and roadways. Our research led us to a Michigan company that produces a liquid calcium chloride for ice and dust control from wells right here in Michigan. Partnering with Michigan Chloride Sales, LSI has the trucking infrastructure to deliver product on time year around.

Liquid calcium chloride is a naturally occurring material mined in central Michigan. The mineral brine that is extracted is clear and almost odorless and is environmentally friendly. Liquid calcium chloride is relatively harmless to plants, soil and grass and does not present any hazard to the environment when used properly. There is no human or animal health risks associated with ordinary exposure to this material. It has less impact on the ground water than an oil brine that some companies use for the same purpose of melting snow and ice, as well as dust control.

Liquid Solutions supplies landscape/plow companies with product for use in the winter months to apply before/after snow and ice events. Our commitment to professional service, courteous staff and on time deliveries has made us a leader in West Michigan dust control and bulk calcium chloride distribution.


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