The effectiveness of liquid calcium chloride is superior to rock salt when temperatures dip below 14 degrees Fahrenheit – as rock salt no longer melts the ice. Liquid calcium chloride is effective to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. When applied prior to a snow event, the product acts as an anti-icing agent. When the calcium chloride is applied after plowing, it is a de-icing agent, melting away residual snow and ice for a clear surface. Liquid calcium chloride can also be used to pre-wet rock salt to increase the effectiveness of the salt. One big benefit of using the liquid is the lack of salt residue that is often tracked into businesses. Because the mineral brine is eco-friendly, the runoff is not harmful to asphalt, landscape or ground water.

Our de-icing product works on contact and prevents bonding of ice and snow to surfaces. The equipment required is minimal – uses tanks rather than spreaders which requires less maintenance.

Liquid Solutions offers bulk storage options for landscape/plow companies – contact us for more information.

Contact us so we can explain how our liquid solution can improve profitability and give you an edge over the competition.
Liquid Solutions provides storage tanks, application equipment, technical advice, consultation, and quantity discounts based on volume.

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Process began at 8:00AM

Beginning melt by 8:05AM

Melting in progress

Wet pavement by 8:15AM

Cost Effective

  • 110 gallons/ acre (Anti-ice) & 110-150 gallons/acre (De-ice)
  • At an average of .30 cents per gallon, coverage cost $33-$45/acre

Environmental Impact

  • Non-hazardous material classification
  • Less corrosive to applied areas/equipment
  • Reduces or eliminates grass/plant material burn


  • Lower cost of entry
    • No loader needed
    • Chloride can be stored indefinitely
  • Easy to calibrate and more precise application versus rock salt
    • 43,500 sq./ft. (acre)/ 150 gallons (max/per acre) = gallons used


  • Begins working upon contact
  • Prevents bonding of snow to surface
  • Residual 3-4 days without additional moisture (anti-ice)


  • Same day or next day delivery (under most circumstances)
  • Material availability unlimited
  • Service Area: West Michigan
  • Bulk Storage Tank Availability – 1.9 SPG Fiberglass tanks

Please contact us so we can explain how De-ice Master can improve your profitability and give you an advantage over the competition. Liquid Solutions can also provide storage tank options, technical advice, & consultation.


  • zehn-enterprise-landscape-design-testimonial
    My clients are very pleased with the ‘bare lots for safety and clear time following an event’. Many, many clients are realizing a large savings in the maintenance areas as salt ‘tracks/stains on floors/entrances’, whereas the product from LSI does not – it goes where you apply it
    Zehn Enterprizes, LLC
  • Nate
    After much consideration, we decided to get into liquid ice melt last season. Their product has performed exactly as they promised, and they had the brine analysis to prove it! If you are considering liquid ice melters, I would highly recommend working with LSI!
    Royal Landscape, Inc
  • Rich
    The first season of using LSI product, we estimate that we reduced our rock salt usage by nearly 50%. Client response to our using liquid has been very positive.
    Ground Control Property Management

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